The Watson Ranch Golf Clubhouse is made to match our customers’ very needs with its state-of-the art facilities and architecture. A relaxing place where our members can feel at home and rest and eat before or after a play of golf.


The Watson Ranch Golf Clubhouse construction started in 2011 and was completely built and opened on October 27, 2012. The original house was a family house owned by one of our founders. It was expanded, renovated and made better for the Watson Ranch Golf Club.

Dining Room

Our dining area serves only the best cuisines at an affordable price. Carefully prepared by our chefs to ensure an enjoyable meal experience. Not only does it offer tasty food, but also the terrace for a breathtaking view of the golf course.

Other Facilities

Besides the Dining area, the Watson Ranch Golf clubhouse offers a variety of necessary facilities such as locker rooms and showers, function rooms, golf desk, exclusive quarters for members and many more. Our pro-shop is located on the ground floor as well. Our staff are fully trained and always welcome to serve you.