The Watson Ranch Golf club offers the best recreational golf course in your area, offering an 18-hole golf course and a challenging yet refreshing landscape. Each hole has varied shapes and forms including various hazards, roughs, and greens that will ensure an enjoyable play.


The holes in this course contain a combination of different hazards that are perfect for both recreational as well as professional golf. Holes 5 and 11 are best known for their water hazards such as wetlands and ponds. Holes 1-3 are challenging for the slopes in the fairway while 14 and 7 contain doglegs. The par differs each time, our highest par is a par-5 hole. These are just some examples of the challenges in each hole.


Hazards such as varying lengths of the rough, wind exposure, bunkers and many more are also available. Different hazards and landscapes are strategically combined for each hole to allow an exciting and challenging play. Despite all this, the place is ensured to bring enjoyment to golfers, either amateur or professional.


Our course not only gives you an exciting play, but also a luscious green landscape and a beautiful view of nature. Besides playing golf, you can also take a walk or drive around using our golf carts here at our course and enjoy the breathtaking view.